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Saturday, October 10, 2009

How to Copy Wii Games? Do You Need a Modchip?

Back in the days that was the case, if you wanted to backed up all your games that you owned then you needed to install a modchip. However this came with its problems and most of modchips required you to pull your Wii apart and hand soldier the small hardware device onto your motherboard. If not done properly it could wreak your Wii and most importantly void your factory warranty making it difficult to claim for future damages.

Nowadays you don't need to install modchips to backup wii discs, you can copy wii games without a modchip and play them just like a normal game, and they actually run alot faster. '

So How do you backup and play copied wii games without a modchip?

What you need is some software called Homebrew Installer software that can unlock certain features on your wii to allow it to read and play backed up Wii games without using a modchip to manipulate the firmware that runs the console.

This technique is much safer and only takes 15 minutes to install and get up and running without any hiccups.

It protects your warranty and you can always uninstall the software if you don't like it and want you original settings back.

Homebrew software offers more than just copying wii games, it also gives your Wii the added ability of playing DVDs, playing retro games, and unlock the region settings to play imported wii games.

TO find out more info about Homebrew software and how to install it correctly so you don't ruin your Wii's firmware goto -> Copy Wii Games without a modchip

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