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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Install Homebrew on Wii - Copy Wii Games without a modchip

I am a hard core gamer and I've a rather giant library collection of Wii games to make a choice from which has cost me allot of $$ to acquire over a long period of time. Just like most games that are used frequently they're prone scratches and mud that can hurt the surface making them hard to read for the Wii disc drive and if the disc is truly scratched it can make the game infeasible. To get around this you need to be told how to copy wii games. This can be done with special software that can unlock your wii's block protection and permit it to play dvd's, copied wii discs, and also run imported games from overseas.

Copy Wii Games with Homebrew (works now with v4.2)

The important question is are you prepared to transform your Wii?

This is made possible by installing homebrew on Wii software. If you've never heard of homebrew installer software for Wii then you do not know what you are missing. When installed and running on your Wii it will unlock hidden capabilities that you did not think would be able to happen on your console. It unlocks features like dvd playability, run imported games, copy and play wii games, and also have the additional feature of playing retro games from the early generation games machines like the SNES, NES, Gamecube, and masses more. When you have these features successfully running you'll have transformed your Wii into a multimedia entertainment system.

Most would be weirdy about any hazards that might occur when installing such software but homebrew is 100 pc safe and has no adversary effect on your warranty due to no need to employ a modchip. It will only take 20 minutes to get it fully working on the Wii and all the software is simple to use.

Having homebrew on Wii is a much safer way to mod your Wii as it requires no hardware device that may void your warranty, having your protection policy made outdated is not actually worth the risk, using Wii softmodding ( homebrew on Wii ) can avoid the dangers and mod your Wii efficiently with no fuss!

The choice is apparent, homebrew on wii is definitely the way to go and hacking wii with using a modchip is even better.

The software contains the following features :

Heres a fast outline of what yu get with homebrew installer software :

* Be able to install Homebrew without any hiccups or tampering with the hardware.

* Create backup Copies of your Wii games and run them on your Wii.

* Compatible with v3.x - 4.x firmware ( No Twilight Game needed )

* Run Imported Wii Game by unlocking the area settings in the console.

* Play retro games like Pacman, Tretris, 1942 and more with built-in Emulators

* DVD and MP3 playback

* Free unlimited updates and downloads 24/7

* No Modchip wanted to Run It!

* And more!

Are you up for the challenge? Do you need to take the very next step and transform your wii from a gaming machine into something that you can use for films, music and playing all your favorites games.

To unlock your wii softmod style goto - Homebrew on Wii

Watch the video that proves homebrew runs on Wii even with v4.2 update