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Monday, May 18, 2009

Wii Homebrew unlock Hack - What All the fuss about?

Chances are that if you are reading this article ,you own a Nintendo Wii console and you've heard of a Wii homebrew unlock hack but you're not too sure what it is, what it does or if it would be of any use to you. Luckily I am going to try to elucidate all that in this article.

A Wii homebrew hack refers to an exploit that was found on the Nintendo Wii. This exploit was taken advantage of so that software, applications and games that were not meant to be played on the Wii were now in a position to be played thanks to this hack. Tis is also termed "Unlocking Wii"

Now you can simply make backup copies and let the children cause havoc with them why you safely store away the first disk.

Before the Wii homebrew hack came along, the only way to get these additional features was to physically change your console by adding a mod chip. Whilst a mod chip was a great idea there was one drawback which was that as quickly as you added a mod chip, you voided your warranty so if anything went incorrect you would have to find somebody to fix it as Nintendo would not.

So hopefully you now know what a Wii homebrew hack is and why it is so well-liked among Nintendo Wii owners. If you would like more information on the hack itself, be happy to visit this site about the Wii Homebrew unlock Hack.

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