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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to copy wii games - Create exact copies of Wii games

No one ever expected the nintendo Wii to enjoy the success it has for the past two years, no one expected it to outsell its big brothers!. Video game discs are not cheap and can be very expensive if you buying a replacement for some broken scratched games, thats why Wii gamers look for ways to copy wii games and create working back ups to run on their Wii.

All game discs that run on the Nintendo Wii come in cd or dvd format much like the games from the PS2 or xbox, the only problem is you can't copy wii games like burning a music cd as they have copy protection on them.You can't exactly chuck a Wii disc in your burner and make a backup, you need some special tools. Below is some useful information how to copy wii games and make working backups of Wii games.

Your standard CD burning software can't copy Wii games. So if you have Nero or Roxio software running on your computer, you are wasting your time, these program are unable to bypass the copy protection on the Wii discs.When the software reads the Wii disc it is unable to burn it and usually comes back with a error message of some sort.

But just like in the past, some programmers have found ways to get around the copy protection code and create software that can make backups of Wii games.There are various tools available on the web that can bypass the encryption code and make Wii copies.

With a few simple click of your mouse you can start burning wii games and create an entire new library. PC games can also be copied with this type of software, as they have protection code that can be bypassed.I own a PS3, Xbox 360, and a Wii and I have managed to create backups of all my video games on these consoles, having this software does not require me to purchase separate software for each console.

These programs often feature burning and copying capabilities along with their decryption abilities. Be sure to use the bulit tools and features so to reduce the chances of getting errors when burning the games.

Thanks to these new software tools, copying Wii games is not quick and easy. Be sure to always copy wii games and protect your games from being wasted or scratched.

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