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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is There an Easy Way to Backup Wii Games?

The ability to backup Wii games is a new benefit for users of the popular Nintendo Wii game console.Right up until now, the nintendos copyright protection has not been bypassed by any hacker. Before there were complex methods that worked on certain games, but not on others. Lucky for you the software community has develop specialized software that can make successful backups of Wii games as well as copies of games from other consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3 systems.

You may wonder why it's so important to be able to copy these Wii games in the first place. The most important reason is for backup purposes. Game discs are prone to getting damaged through scratching and dirt contacting the surface of the disc, this makes the disc unuseable and unreadable to the Wii console.With the cost of games rising and the amount of money spend of packages that game bundled with the game its certainly not a bad idea to make some backups of Wii games.

Please note that this article is not wriitten for the purpose of priracy and selling for profit , but is for backup Wii games for personal use.So make sure that you own a legal copy if a Wii game to backup up for usage and never ever copy other peoples Wii games.

With software burning applications like the one mentioned above that can backup wii games has prevented the need for special harrdware devices. All you need is a good dvd burner and a good reliable, fast PC and you can make backups of Wii games. The great thing is too is that you don't even need a mochip to create copied wii games on your computer.

To find out more info about burning Wii games goto -> Backup Wii Games

Monday, February 23, 2009

How to Unlock Wii - Copy Wii games with Homebrew sofrtware without a modchip.

HombreWare is the software that has been designed to unlock certain features of wii that will not compromise your time in extracting and modifying hardware stuff on your Nintendo wii console. In order to learn how to unlock Wii , first you must download this homebrew software that has a guide attached to it to help you unlock you Wii and give it more features. It actually includes the homebrew browser which is the one that identifies the corresponding hombrew applications that you will be able to receive through your system and as well as the simple instructions on how to unlock wii using the software itself.

INstalling homebrew is a breeze and with just 'on click' you can have homebrew running on your wii in a matter of minutes, even unstalling is real quick , you don't need to be tech savvy to run homebrew on your Wii. All you do is push a button and it automatically downloads the software onto your SD card, reboot the system, then your away laughing. In the past how to unlock Wii has been a challenge for Wii gamers, however, with this home brew software all that has now changed and you can make your wii do things you never thought it could do.

What you need to do is find out the secret that lies within the Twilight princess game that allows you to install homebrew on your Wii console, this is referred to as the Twilight hack as well. Once you have completed the process of installing the Homebreware package on your Wii system it gives your Wii the freedom to explore other Homebrew applications that have been programmed to unlock emulators that allow for play of retro games, run thrid party media players, how to unlock wii and other software programs.

The bundle (homebreware) comes with the homebrew apps which shows you how to use all the available homwbrew apps to download like , emulators and other software apps. As mentioned before, with homebrew running on your Wii console you will be able to play so much more with it , like play dvds, listen to music, and even play backup wii games.

So get hold of Homebreware guide to help you through you'll never be more than happy to have this as an added feature for you to enjoy your Nintendo wii game console more. Goto -> How to unlock Wii

Monday, February 16, 2009

Is There an Easy Way to Copy Nintendo Wii Games?

Having the knowledge to copy wii games is a great thing to have when trying to save money in these harsh economic times. Up until recently, Nintendo's advanced copy protection had never been successfully cracked. There were some methods you could use to copy wii games and sometimes this would not work on other wii games.Luckily, new software programs have been introduced to the market that allow users to backup Wii games, and games for other consoles, such as the PS3 and Xbox 360, with not much more than a few clicks of a mouse.

You're probably thinking why on earth do you need to copy wii games and why is it necessary. The single most important reason to make backups of Wii games. Game discs are prone to getting damaged through scratching and dirt contacting the surface of the disc, this makes the disc unuseable and unreadable to the Wii console.With games running as much as $60 to $70, and even more for controller packaged games such as Guitar Hero, it can get costly to frequently replace slightly damaged games.

Of course, these game copying packages are not intended for the illegal piracy of Wii software.So the onuse is on the user to own legal versions of Wii games to backup for personal use.

With software burning applications like the one mentioned above that can burn wii games has prevented the need for special harrdware devices. All you need is a good dvd burner and a good reliable, fast PC and you can make backups of Wii games. Here's the thing, there's no need to install a modchip and risk voiding your warranty.

To find out more info about backing up Wii games, here are a few options ->


Thursday, February 12, 2009

How Can I Copy Wii Games? Here's The Easy Way To Make Copies Of Your Games

Are you wondering if there is a way to copy Wii games? If that's the case - then you've come to the right place!If you visit the forums and fan websites there's always questions about how to burn Wii games onto dvd, so I decided to write a review on this topic.

This article is written for the purpose of backing up your own Wii games not other peoples Wii discs. Due to the 'free use' law can make exact backup copies of your Wii games making it totally legal to make copies of Wii discs.

Most likely you have burned a music cd or DVD movie on the PC and made some backups to protect your orginals. But as you probably know, you can't use the same burning program to make copies of video games.

Why not?

All Wii discs have 'copy protection' embedded in the discs to prevent people from making duplicates of their games. So if you attempt to use your burning program you have it will not be able to bur it due to the protection code blocking it from extracting to data it needs to make a copy.

When there's a problem, someone's going to find a solution! Alot of software developers have already taken the initiative and developed software that can override the protection code of Wii games.So when you download and install this software you are instantly able to burn wii games much like you would normal dvds & cds.One thing to take note of - this is powerful tool that can create backups of PS3 games and Xbox 360 games too. But its not just a game copying program.

The interface and burning process is easy to follow and understand, anyone can use this software.First of all you pick a Wii game to backup the insert it in your computers burner - then select the "create an ISO image" option to make a image of the disc to save on the hard drive.After the image or 'ISO' is created, remove the disc and insert a blank dvd into the burner drive and copy the image to your disc create an exact copy.

This method to copy wii games is cheap and easy to do, this way if you manange to ruin your game it only a backup copy and you can make another one. Using the right software that can copy wii games makes life easier and you can make as many backups as you want. Do it now!

Please visit copy wii discs to make copies of your favourite Wii games.

Monday, February 2, 2009

How to Copy Wii Games - How To Burn Wii Games Copy Nintendo Wii Games

However, all is not lost, because the software that is out there, works fantastic! The thought of backing up wii games to many people seems to difficult to do but there is software that can do all the donkey work for you and burn your games in a farily easy process.

When getting a good backup tool you need a program that can copy and burn wii games on the fly and do it in quick smart time without any errors. Not only this but it must be easy to use. The support for classic Nintendo games means that you now have the ability to copy your older favorites, as well as the latest and greatest games. If you want to begin copying games, find some reliable software.

Having such a program also allows you to copy wii to dvd disc. Remember, to copy the games, you will have to use a software that can read Nintendo wii game discs. If you don't have any software that can read the disc on your computer, your computer will not recognize the disc as it should.

You can do this in 3 easy steps. First, Choose the game you want backed up and insert to be copied. Second, Insert dvd blank for wii game to be burned to. Thrid. Play your newly burned wii game. Easy ain't it?

For a list of the top software programs to copy Nintendo Wii games check out -> Copy Wii Games